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I saw this question ‘What are some essential “woman’s cave” items? ‘on Quora ( I am loving this app these days) a while back, and I was like OMG, I should write on this as it’s something that I can use for myself, and such questions really get me thinking. I quickly wrote down some random bedroom items and crossed out the non-essential ones to have a small but to-the-point list, so  here is my take in this interesting topic.

  • The Bed.



Okay, any bedroom is not complete without the appropriate bed, so a single bed that would take less space and serve comfort at it’s best is the way to go. If you are going to use your bed for more then just sleeping, it’s important to save space so that you can utilize it with other furniture which is eually important to any woman, we shall see that as we move ahead.

  • Accent pillows.



Styling with pillows can take the look of your bed from simple to classy, and every woman loves it. Your bedroom has to have it’s own style and personality as you do, and styling with pillows according to your taste can be one of the few ways to achieve that.

  • Work-desk.




A woman who owns her own cave, has to work hard; so a fresh and motivating work desk has to be the next essential. Choose one with your own style preference and storage needs, as it has to be as useful as much as it looks good. Style it with some succulents, some inspiring quotes, some token of your achievements, etc to keep you hustling.

  • Closet.



Find me a woman who has enough clothes and accessories, surprise! surprise!! there isn’t any. So you got to have a big enough wardrobe/ closet to store everything that you own in an organised way so that you find what you need at a glance (this NEVER happens with me :P, the struggle is real), so this is very essential.

  • Dresser/ full size mirror.



A mirror is a woman’s best friend, so after you are done digging into your wardrobe, to find what you are wearing, the next thing you will need is a dresser or a full sized mirror. Get ready, take some selfies, and go slay the world with your style.

  • Art and floating shelves.



No room is ever complete without some artwork, some pictures and some artifacts, so go gather all of your collection that’s sitting in random boxes/ in the attic and place it on some shelves or side tables. This is a nice way to add some color and edge to your simple room.

  • Fabrics.



Fabrics is a good way to add layers, and adding layers is great as you can change them up with time, without ruining the rest of the decor, so do it with some classy curtains and stylish rugs. As the season changes or as your mood changes you can easily switch things up and give your room a new look.

  • Lots of storage.



We women can never have enough room for storage, so go for some smart storage options like storage under the bed, desk cabinets with a lot of storage, wall shelves and baskets so that you can just throw in the stuff and even after that, it will look quite organized, with wall cabinets go high till the ceiling, so that you can use up the available space to the best of it’s ability without overcrowding the room.

  • Lights.



Last but never the least, the lights. The right lighting can bring up the decor to a whole another level, try some great overhead hanging chandeliers or pendant lights, add a bedside and desk lamps, have them is the same theme so that they look coordinated and classy and you will be sorted.

This time I went a step ahead and made a feature image that would give an idea of the whole post at a glance, do tell me if you liked it and don’t forget to tell me what are your bedroom decor essentials and if you liked this post. Have a great day ahead.


P.S. All thoughts and views expressed on this blog are my own. About interiors, I am studying architecture and those posts are based on what I have learnt until now.
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