I recently did a blog post on my 10 Must follow Instagram accounts for design inspiration. , I am so inspired by other designers on the web, this is my way of thanking them of their amazing work and creativity. Instagram and Pinterest are my favorite social media sites for design inspiration, so I am going to dedicate 2 blog posts every month for my top 10 room inspirations. These will be from both Pinterest and Instagram.

Today’s post has all Images from my Pinterest board ‘Interiors’ so let’s go through some amazing interior design inspirations. I have provided the link to the source, if you are interested in details you may visit those and I am also writing my brief vies about the picture. So, are you excited to be inspired, I am. Let’s begin.


Source: Pinterest

I love the pop of colors in this one, looks very fun and has a very youthful vibe to it. I know I will feel very energetic as I enter this space. The vibrant colors are making the whole room lively and I really like it.


Source: Pinterest

In this picture we see wooden panelling used is such a beautiful way, not over the top, yet classy and elegant. The different shades provide a nice contrast to the darker walls and flooring, who said flooring and walls ‘have’ to be pale.

idi 1.3.jpg

Source: Pinterest

Looking at this picture makes me feel so peaceful, this is something I wood want my home to be, do I have to say white is my favorite color? I feel white makes everything look more beautiful.

idi 1.4.jpg

Source: Pinterest

Anybody who loves pastels, me๐Ÿ™‹. This had to be on this list, I love the use of different materials and texture, they go along perfectly, I adore this composition.


Source: Pinterest

Another white and grey, just a little deeper, but this provi a great dimension and ease to accessorize. I love the whole artifact display section, tge geometric print pillow cases with a little greens on the table top.


Source: Pinterest

The decor in this one is absolutely amazing, but can we just take a look at the view, this room is GOALS. Again I lovecthe whole color combination and the composition of the furniture and artifacts.

idi 1.7.jpg

Source: Pinterest

If you love the whole outdoor vibe, this is something you would dig. Surrounded by trees and lush green grass the decor looks very pleasant. The pergola over the whole arrangement is like a cherry on the cake, I want to he there.


Source: Pinterest

Island kitchen are a great idea for space saving and ease of work, the overhanging lamps and tall bar stools look so classy, also I rarely see dark colored kitchen cabinets, and I like the whole look of it.

idi 1.9.jpg

Source: Pinterest

White, grey and pastel, do I need to say anything else. Besides the awesome color combination, I love the design of the sofa and tge dining table in the background. The rug and the centre table go well together providing a great focal point.


Source: Pinterest

Love books? They are beautiful in and out, so why not display them like artifacts.The wall unit occupies the whole wall, with storing so much and yet looking so neat and perfect. Also, ai loved the use of relaxing porch chairs in the living room, the color and material make them so apt. The chairs being so elegant and minimal, compliment the rather heavy wall unit in a very beautiful way, I loved the whole idea.

So which one was your favorite? Would you like to see more such room inspiration posts? Do let me know in the comments below.


P.S. All thoughts and views expressed on this blog are my own. About interiors, I am studying architecture and those posts are based on what I have learnt until now.
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