‘One man’s trash can be other man’s treasure’  so why not find treasure in your own trash. In this post we will see how we can change the look and style of old furniture and transform it into something  fabulous. A lot of times we dump a furniture or decor piece just because it got old and the novelty wore off, but we are not entirely willing to do so just because of it’s strong built. I get it, it has happened with us as well, the furniture started looking old but my parents were like, we cant give up on these as we don’t get such strong wood pieces these days. And we did something that changed the look of the furniture altogether, making it look new and it saved a few bucks as well, and who doesn’t appreciate a good deal?

Change is good, and you know what’s better- an upgrade. Today in this post I am going to share with your three ways that you can upgrade your old furniture, or even something new that you got when you went thrifting. So, let’s see what these are.


upgrade laminates

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So as I mentioned earlier, we did some upgrade work in our home as well, actually we did it when we shifted in our new house. We changed the laminates of the old king size bed and my bookshelf ( It was worn out and looked very dated) to match it with the rest of our new furniture. Trust me you will be thrilled seeing the results, I was totally amazed and couldn’t even believe it was our same old furniture. How we did it was, we were getting our new house furnished, we showed the carpenters our old furniture and asked them what we could do to make this look like it belongs here. They suggested changing laminates and repainting the un-finished wood, we then chose the laminates for the same and that’s what they did. So if you are willing to do the same, contact a skilled carpenter.

You can opt for this option for any plywood furniture, if you want a idea for complete wooden furniture, I would suggest sanding it and filling all the gaps and cracks and then polishing it again, your furniture will look brand new. If you are willing to change the color, you may go ahead and stain the wood before polishing. Wood staining is easy and can be a family DIY project and these stains are readily available in hardware shops. If you are not somebody who is into all this, as I mentioned earlier, get it done by a professional carpenter.


reupholtered sofa

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Now that we are sorted with wooden furniture upgrades, let’s move on to upholstered furniture like sofa, accent chairs, headboards, benches,etc. This is something that I see a lot of designers doing these days in their projects, and I am nothing but happy about it. If you have a vintage chair , sofa or bench that has some family history attached to it, letting it go can get even more difficult. Changing the upholstery to go along with the rest of your decor can be a good idea, and you’ll also get to keep your precious vintage piece.

I’ve also seen this trend going on these days where they upholster even wooden furniture like a chest of drawers, coffee tables that later on double up as ottomans as well, I believe it looks beautiful and unique and is also a fun way of transforming old furniture.


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Paint to a designer is like a magic wand to a magician. Re- painting furniture and decor pieces can change the look and feel of the piece altogether. Just go for it, If you bought something from a thrift store or maybe some of your artifacts are loosing their charm, re-vamp it with a fresh coat of paint. If you are not somebody who paints, the try spray painting, it’s fun to do and is also easier than doing it with a brush. And I also need to mention, we painted our metal cupboard when we shifted, so you know it is a tried and tested idea.

So, how are you going to transform your old furniture and decor, is it paint? or is it upholstery? maybe it is changing laminates. Do let me know in the comments below. Also, tell me if reading this post made you want to keep your precious old furniture, did you discover something new? I am waiting to know.

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