Nothing says royalty like the Victorian era, to be very honest I adore classic, vintage style and decor as much as the modern style; and you must already be aware of it if you ever stumbled upon my About Me page. So let’s go through some options that will let you have some classy pieces in your modern spaces in a way that they compliment each other.

Certain things are timeless and using these things in your decor is a nice way to mix styles of different era. If you love various designs style and want to know how to create harmony with mixing all of them together read E- Eclectic Decor and How to do it the right way. It might help you. Now let’s start with some vintage decor.

Window Valances.

vintage windows.jpg

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They are not surviving through such a long time for no reason, but now it time to give it a little twist, instead of these with multiple loops get something that is simple and classy, it can really give some extra dimension to your drapery and can also be used for a complete black out look.

Crown Molding.

crown molding

Crown molding add a luxurious and classic look to any room, the room looks well finished with crown molding, just remember whenever you go for it, skip the false ceiling. Go ahead and add some pendant lights to complete the look.

Vintage Furniture.

vintage chair

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Re-upholstered old furniture is now being launched as quiky furniture, if you have something in your collection, don’t let ir go. Instead of that re-upholster it in a modern fabric and dye the frame in a new coat of paint, you will have the same look in a lot cheaper price.

Wall Clocks.

vintage clock

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We don’t use wall clocks that often, but these vintage clocks are a statement and can certainly uplift and room decor in a jiffy. If you get your hands on one of tgese, dpray paint it in a matte black/white or a metallic finished copper or silver. A small DIY project will give you a statement piece that you will adore for a long time.You will receive compliments everytime you have new visitors.


vintage lights

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Lamps, sconces and chandeliers, if you want to add some royalty in your home, these are the way to go. They are available widely in stores as well as online and they are not going out of style anytime soon. These lamps have ruled a long era and are still going strong, so that’s a go to choice as it won’t let you down.

So how are you planning to add a little bit of vintage vibe to your home? Do you prefer classic style or modern or are you like me who loves both and thinks it’s all about the balance? Do let me know in the comments below.

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