When someone enters your home they should feel welcomed, first impression really counts. Not just the look but also a well functioning entrance foyer is a way to achieve that good  first impression. Lets see what are the things that you need to consider while designing and decorating a foyer.

The Bench.

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Whenever somebody enters they should have a place to sit and remove their shoes. Having a bench or an ottoman for the same can be really helpful, and not just the guests, it’s very useful to put on and take off shoes while you are going out or coming home. So try and make some space to put an ottoman and if you have enough space, go ahead and have a bench


When you are heading out, do you go in your bedroom once again before leaving to check you make-up? I know, I too do it; then why not add a small mirror in your entrance lobby itself, to check out yourself before you step out.

Shoe rack.

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Now that you removed your shoes, you need a place to put them, having a shoe rack in the entrance is a must and I don’t need to convince you for that. If you are working with a small area, have a low height storage cabinet that also doubles up as a seating, that way you don’t need a separate bench.


Having hangers in the entrance is a great option to hang coats, umbrellas, bags,etc. when you enter and having smaller hangers for hanging keys is a great option to have in the entrance foyer. They too are great for the guests as well as people living in the home and are certainly a must have in an entrance lobby


Now that you have all these things sorted, you certainly don’t want to spoil things because of poor lighting. Having a well lit entrance is not only welcoming but also necessary as you need some good light to fetch out your shoes, check your make up and fix it if needed. But I won’t suggest buying fancy lights for the same, simple lights or sconces that do the job will work just fine, after all how much time does one spent in the foyer, not much, right?

I hope I could help you in some way or the other to design and decorate your foyer, what’s the most important thing among all of these according to you? For me it’s the shoe rack that doubles up as a bench, that’s really efficient.

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