Hello cuteness,

Today I have a yet another first post, and it is going to be about Interiors. To start with I chose a topic that will have a HUGE impact on your whole room decor with just a little effort. So whats the most important thing in a room? the walls right? so, we are going to talk about easy ideas that you can use to create a statement wall, a wall that will leave its mark on thoughts of every visitor that you will have.

1. Wallpapers.

wallpaper wall art

source : www.grahambrown.com

Wallpapers are a total game changer when it comes to room decor. first of all they are available in a variety that you cant even think of. If you have some design in your mind, you will find a wallpaper apt for it in the market. They are available in variety of colors, textures, designs, finishes,etc. Most importantly, they are easy to use, mess free and easy to maintain as well.

2. Photo frames.


source: www.profileproducts.com.au

Who does not love photographs in their house? yes we all do. Using it to decorate a wall can be a cool way to have all memories together, and look how beautiful it looks. The best part is you can customize it the way you want to, add frames of different sizes, shapes and colors and make your own design. Add photographs, quotes, certificates or whatever you want to and create your own little wall of fame. If you are not a fan of collages, you can also try one big photo frame, that too looks cool, I know as we have one in our living room.

3. Shelves.


source : floatingshelf.org

Shelving too is an excellent way to create a statement wall, we all know the wonders that right kind of furniture can do to the room, this too is an example of the same. Select a shelf according to the theme of your room, and don’t forget to consider the sizes of artifacts/ books that you are going to put into it. Enough of the same old school rectangular shelves, say bye to them an welcome some trendy, modern shelves that will draw attention of your guest, and make sure you fill it with your amazing finds that will woo them of the amazing collection of artifacts and books that you have.

4. Quote.

quote wallpapper

source : ideas.marsonikon.com

Don’t want to have a lot of design, you like it simple? Simple does not need to be boring. Getting a quote painted on your wall can be a great way to achieve simple look’s that’s not so boring. The best part is it will always grab your attention, and to will fell inspired everytime you walk in. This is something that will be ideal to do on a wall close to your work desk or anywhere in your office.

5. Lights.
















source : ladderrungs.wordpress.com


Good lighting is as important in a room as good furniture, and nowadays we have found many many ways to involve lights in our room decor, which is the coolest thing ever. But what if you are not going for a renovation altogether, but need some refreshing change that will shine at you, the decor in the picture above is a DIY which you can try that will make a nice little change in your room, within less time and less money, plus you get to display your creativity to everybody who walks in.

So which one are you going to try to transform your regular wall into a statement wall? If you have any more suggestions, I would love to know in the comments. have an amazing day ahead.