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It’s Friday and Yayy! weekend is already here. I was thinking about doing a ‘Weekly windup’ kind of a series since quite some time now. I don’t know what has happened to me since I have migrated, but I have totally lost my calm. Nowadays, I am constantly thinking of doing something new and something exciting. You can say I am in the experimental phase, so we will be trying as many things as possible, whatever stays will stay whatever doesn’t work, we shall let it go.

But first, let me just walk you through what ‘Weekly windup’ is going to be? This particular series would be a very personal and interactive sort of a thing, where in I would share with you what happened throughout the week on my blog, my other socials and my life in general. This will be a great way to keep you guys updated with what’s going on and also connect with you on a more personal level. I write a lot of technical stuff on this blog, but I know I have to take a step ahead and connect with all you amazing people reading it.


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Lets first talk about my Facebook page, yes I do have a page for this blog, which you guys might be unaware of (Go ahead and like it). This week I posted about 4 mood-boards on my Facebook page in the album called ‘Moodboards‘(Just click to visit). If you don’t know what moodboards are, they are the first step of designing a room. A moodboard gives you an idea of the look and feel that you might be going for and whether or not, the things that you choose work together. This really helps while you go shopping for your home, as you would know what is it that you are exactly looking for.

For me moodboard is my way of deciding the color palette, the style of furniture and the materials. These three things are very basic and crucial when it comes to designing. Although the most important thing is floor-plan, but that is very specific to a particular room. Thus, creating a moodboard and knowing what things you want and what look are you going for is very important. So, here  are the Images that I posted on the page.


Confession, I am a Pinterest addict, I guess all ‘ creative minds’ are. I think I have already talked a lot, so I would talk about my obsession with this later, for now, just know that I got invited to 4 Pinterest groups, and that’s really cool. If you love Pinterest, follow me there, I am addicted to pinning.

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On the Blog.

This weeks two posts were about topics pole apart from each other. One is about a Real Estate Act that was recently passed by the Indian Government called RERA, it is a very important act for home buyers and also builders and developers. While, the other one is about Interiors, creative ways to add partition walls in homes.

So go give them a read, if you haven’t already.

Links to the posts:

Creative ways of adding partition in a room.

Why is RERA a Goodnews for Home-buyers?

So, that’s it for this week, I shall see you later. and yeah, don’t forget to tell me what do you think about this series.


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