In this short post I am going to walk you through some design principles that interior designers swear by. It shall be handy to keep a track of these few things while designing, they are simple solutions when you are in a dilemma while designing. So let’s begin.

  1. Create a background to make accent colors pop. For eg: solid color background for artifacts, white pillows to make strong colors pop.
  2. Use mirrors to bounce light.
  3. Use big art work, or maybe create one by painting / photo collage.
  4. Have uniformity like same containers, hangers or same color plant pots etc.
  5. Use metals, and glass with wood in furniture. More material finishes add more character, but know your limits while doing so.
  6. Have solutions to hide excess wires.
  7. Group small artifacts that look like clutter and make it into a one bigger display of small things.
  8. While using different textures colors need to match exactly not the patterns.
  9. Create base with neutrals, so that you have more space to play with colors.
  10. Have trays and boxes for daily cluttering items like remotes, keys, pens, etc. Use baskets to store things in wider shelves.
  11. Bring nature inside with some greens, fresh flowers, colored twigs, pebbles, etc.
  12. Go higher with curtains and cabinetry so that room looks taller.
  13. Always measure your furniture and wall works to check sizes. Use artist tape to zone out things.
  14. Consider re-upholstery and furniture upgrade it can make a big difference.
  15. It’s all about layering- fabrics, textures,artifacts, etc.

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