Your home is where your heart it, remember that famous dialogue “woh ghar laut aane wali feeling”, what is it that makes a home such a special place? The reason is, you always find a way that makes your home a place where you are at comfort and it’s a reflection of your style and your choices. Any home that you visit, once you observe around the place you do get a small glance of the lifestyle of people living in that house. The same thing happens when you have guest over at your place, so make sure you make a good first impression. In this post we are going to see how you can do it, let’s see how we can turn your house into your home.


y colors


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Ignore what the trends are, they come and go. If the trend says ‘turquoise is the color of the year’, but if it is not your favorite, then you don’t need to live with it. Get your favorite color on the wall, be it any color. There is always a way to incorporate the color of your choice in your home, if it’s something too bright balance it out by keeping the rest of the decor neutral, if it is something very very deep and dark, then try keeping the floor, the ceiling and the major furniture as light as possible so that it will bounce the light and your room won’t look like a dungeon. If walls seem a little over whelming, go for that color through fabrics and artifacts, don’t compromise, if you love a certain color then you should be able to enjoy it with your interiors.

Flaunt your passions.

y guitar

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Do you paint? Okay, so you play guitar? Is photography your passion? Be it anything, remember it’s your home, you are the boss here and it is your space to express yourself. Don’t hold back when it comes to displaying your creations or your loved equipment, they are precious to you and the most priceless decor. So whatever that you are passionate about, should have a special place. Your home is a depiction of who you are, so make sure you show the world your strengths, your love and your passions.


y crockery

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If you are a traveler and love shopping wherever you go, this one is for you. We all have some or the other collectible, be it artifacts, paintings, crockery, etc. Instead of keeping them somewhere hidden in boxes, put them on display. There is one simple rule- If you can’t use it, it’s a waste. So don’t let your valuables be a waste. I am sure you have a lot of it, so put them in your display shelves and change them every now and then, it will give your space a fresh look every single time.


If you have been around this blog, you must be already aware of the fact that I love vintage and modern style of decor equally, for me it’s all about functionality and character. You must have also observed that you are drawn to a specific style of art and furniture- be it traditional or contemporary, and it certainly can be more than just one. Your space should have the feel very personal to you, so no matter hat trends say, you do you and design your space in your unique style ( I believe everybody has that).


y photographs

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My obsession with photographs is never-ending, if you don’t have your photos in your home, how will people know who lives there. A picture can really say a thousand words, so what better way to express yourself than that. Have a gallery wall or a collage with pictures of you and your family and friends really depicts your personality like nothing else. Be it frames on the table or on the wall, find a place to have your pictures in your space and they’ll be a walk down the memory lane for you as well as your guests.

So, how are you going to add your personal touch to your home? What is that one thing in your home that has your heart and has a ton of memories attached to it? for me, the huge photo-frame of a nature scene that we have over our sofa wins, it’s been in the house since the time I was around 8 years old, and we still haven’t found anything that can replace that. It’s a statement piece and we all love it.

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