We are a family of four people, and each one of us has our spot ( being a little Sheldon Cooper here ), where we spend most of our time while we are home. When we were designing this house, both of us- me and my brother were quite grown up and knew what we wanted, and thus it became a little more clear about what our must haves are and where we need them. The same goes for our parents as well, we all had our priorities and considered all of those while setting up the new house.

It is very important to have something for each member of the family. No matter how different our choices are, there is always a way to have all of these in a way that they compliment each other.

Every space has a different purpose and it is very important that we dedicate it to that purpose only. For eg: a space like a couch is supposed to be an entertainment area, so having work equipment there won’t be a wise choice; work space should be a place where you can concentrate on your work only and won’t have much distraction and frequent disturbance.


See how the Resting/ Sleeping Zone is away from the Work Zone.

In a Nutshell:

So while zoning out, you need to consider these to very important things- The function of the space and the style of the person who would be using it. So here are a few tips and tricks that will help you create zones in a room without any partitions:

  • Having things needed close or within that area itself, it’s essential to group up things so that it automatically gives you the feel of a zone, like an entertainment zone, a cooking zone, a work zone, a relaxing zone, etc.
  • Placing furniture in a way that separate that particular area from the rest.
  • Using different colors, according to the choice of the people living there to give them some personal touch
  • Changing wall colors of that particular area, for eg: Painting the wall behing the dining table can create a zone for dinig area in the living room itself without any physical partition
  • Having a separate false ceiling, this will allow you to change the lighting as well and the lights will to the trick of isolating it from the rest of the room.
  • Using different flooring or an area rug. This too works just the same as the wall color trick.
  • I hope I could help you with some tips and tricks, do let me know which one was your favorite. What is your favorite spot in your home? Mine is my work desk for sure, I hang out there even while I am not working, it serves as my entertainment zone and my work zone.

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